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What is a Prop Maker?

A prop maker is both an artist and technician who creates custom props
for theatre, TV, film, or other installations. They work closely with the production designer and art director, to bring designs to life.
Sometimes, detailed plans and instructions are supplied; other times, prop makers use their creative flair to design and create the project.

Why Use a Prop Maker?

Using an experienced prop maker will greatly increase the efficiency
of your production.  A prop maker can create custom props that are unique to you, which can help to create a more immersive experience for the audience. They will also be able to ensure that all props are safe and functional, which can help to prevent accidents on set. An experienced prop maker such as Penny will work closely with the production team to ensure that all props are consistent with the overall vision of the production.

What is the difference between a Prop Maker and General Metalworker or Carpenter? 

Prop makers are skilled artists and technicians who create custom props

for a production. They will be more experienced in a greater range of materials than general craft people, and very used to working with the production designer, art director, and prop master in a theatre, film, or
TV setting. They will have a greater understanding of how best to bring your ideas to life

What Materials do Prop Makers Use?

Prop makers work in a variety of materials, selecting the most appropriate for your design. Materials can include metal, wood, EVA foam, fabric… the possibilities are endless! Penny Spedding works widely with a range of materials, but is a specialist in metalwork.


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